What is a writer?

English: penulis = writer

English: penulis = writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I loved writing essays at school and anything else that involved writing. I enjoyed writing reports when I worked in the employment and training areas. I have written diaries or journals just for my own eyes – to express myself and clarify my thoughts. I have written regular articles for a regional newspaper. I had one full page to fill each week. I did interviews, wrote stories, took photos, sold advertisements and only made a tiny amount of money out of it but I loved it all.


In recent years I worked as a senior policy officer for government. I did lots of writing on issues and correspondence on behalf of the Minister or Department. This was very tailored to suit the house style. Unfortunately many hours of work never saw the light of day due to the politics in action. A change in Minister caused a change in focus – or a change in government resulted in a change in ideology.


Since leaving the public sector I have continued my interest in writing. I have written tenders, funding applications, copy for websites or promotional material and various other writing jobs. This blog has being going for about 2.5 years and I have posted about 550 times.


I have business cards that say Naturaliste Business Writing Solutions WA. I gave a card to a lady today and she said, ‘So, you are a writer!’ I felt a bit embarrassed and said something depreciating along the lines of ‘that’s what I tell people’.


So dear bloggers, when does one earn the right to call themselves a WRITER? What are your thoughts on this?






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