It is so easy to avoid doing stuff :-)

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English: This is a picture of hands sifting th...

English: This is a picture of hands sifting through potting soil in a garden bed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My plan for today was to have breakfast, shower, make the beds and do my final assignment.

My ACTUAL day went more like this:

  • breakfast
  • do some washing (oops, I think it is still in the machine!)
  • make the bed
  • have a shower
  • scan some documents for Tom
  • put some straw in my new, above ground, garden bed
  • transplant pot-plants to the front garden
  • clean all pots
  • make coffee for two
  • a little bit more work in the garden
  • offered to change some light-globes that need changing – Tom said I should do my assignment!
  • decide to work on final assignment but then decide to check and update previous assignment
  • actually work on the final assignment for a while – made some progress
  • finished reading my current Mary Higgins Clark novel
  • relax and watch TV
  • get dinner
  • water the plants in the front garden from this morning’s effort
  • relax and watch more TV
  • finally, I am writing this blog

So tomorrow, I will finish my final assignment!

Ever have days like that?




    • Thanks Ranu. It will feel good to be finished for the year. I only have one more Unit to complete and it doesn’t start until August next year 🙂

  1. Nope. Uh-uh. Never. All my days go exactly as planned. 😛

    As long as I PLAN to “go with the flow” and/or PROCRASTINATE.

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  3. Hello! Dropped by from Nancy’s blog…loved your planned day and your actual one…happens to me all the time 😉

    Seems to me if you had put gardening in your plan, you’d have aced it! 😀

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