Nightmare on Channybearup Road

Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano, la primera ase...

Guadalupe Martinez de Bejarano, the first female serial killer in Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday we drove for two hours to a Farm Stay (holiday house) on Channybearup Road – between Manjimup and Pemberton. We arrived around 2.00pm at the usual check-in time. We thought the owners would live near by but there was only one house on several acres of land. The front door was unlocked so we unpacked and settled in for our short holiday.

There was a note on the fridge to ring the owner if there were any problems. Well, there was only ONE problem and that was no mobile signal! We felt a bit like imposters but reckoned we could find the owners the next day. I settled down for a few hours to read my novel about a serial killer.

We went to bed about 9.00pm only to wake some hours later with what sounded like footsteps in the house. I jumped up and said “Who was that?” Tom very bravely went to investigate but there was no sign of anyone about. I felt really isolated, especially without a phone. Not surprisingly, we didn’t sleep very well the rest of the night.

When I woke in the morning I really wanted to go home. We had booked for two nights but I had an overwhelming feeling of foreboding. I told Tom how I was feeling and we decided to go out for a coffee in Manjimup and decide whether to stay or go home. I realised I wasn’t being logical but I couldn’t shake off the feeling.

After coffee we decided to drive to Pemberton. It was a lovely drive through the forest – very pretty. My mood started to lift and logic won out. We decided to stay on and make the most of our short break. We convinced ourselves that it was unlikely there was an axe murderer in the neighbourhood. I decided to hide the axe just in case.

We later discovered (through reading the guest book) that there are possums that live in the roof. In fact, there was a bit of a smell suggesting a dead possum in the roof. We both slept well for our second night away, but gee it was good to get home again! And I have decided to give up reading murder mysteries and suspense novels for a while :-). We tracked down the owners eventually too so we could pay our bill.

Welcome to Manjimup

Welcome to Manjimup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




9 thoughts on “Nightmare on Channybearup Road

  1. OMG . . . when I read what you were reading before bed, I thought how BRAVE you must be. I would only read a book like that in familiar surroundings, not when isolated without a phone! 😀

  2. I’m glad things ended without further scares for you, but in my mind things went chaotically down hill, triggered by the fact that the house you slept in on the first night wasn’t the house you rented…

  3. How funny! Chris and I went to Portland (Vic.) a few weeks ago and stayed in a guest house, the owner said there was a resident ghost who frequented our room! I was a bit freaked out and wish the owner hadn’t said anything.

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