Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected

IMG_0023Claremont Council Fire click here

An unexpected fire changes the course of history … A fire destroyed much of the Claremont Municipal Chambers on 19 November in 2010. It was in this building in 1899 that my great-grandfather, James King was elected the first Mayor of the City of Claremont. The photo below was taken in 2006 of me with my two sisters near the foundation stone laid by our great-grandmother.


I was shocked to hear about the fire and saddened by so much history being destroyed. I haven’t been back to the scene of the fire since it happened but I do hope they managed to retain at least the facade of the building.



4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unexpected

  1. I don’t really ‘like’ this at all! The Claremont Library was one of my childhood’s stamping grounds, and it breaks my heart to learn it’s gone. But my home has, too, long since – and my school: it seems the gods want to inform me of TRANSIENCE.

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