We don’t have a Thanksgiving Day in Australia but I thought it a good topic to reflect on for today. I am thankful for many things (that I mostly take for granted). Here are some things that come to mind:

  • Good health and pain-free
  • A happy relationship with my amazing husband
  • Three adult sons and their wives and partners
  • Two gorgeous grandsons
  • Friends and family near and far
  • Bloggers all over the world that touch my life
  • I can see, hear, touch, smell, walk, use my hands for a multitude of actions
  • I am able to live in a peaceful environment
  • The Indian Ocean (Geographe Bay) is only 5-10 minutes walk from home
  • I have ample means to meet all my needs
  • I am free to vote for whom I want at Local, State and Federal elections and live in a democratic country
  • Access to all the technology I want
  • Freedom to choose about my spiritual beliefs and practices
  • More books than I will ever have time to read
  • Access to further education
  • Freedom to travel in Australia and most places overseas
  • Leisure time at my disposal allowing me to write blogs, take photos and enjoy my new vegetable garden
  • Access to all the facilities at the Lifestyle Village where I live
  • My home has access to heating and cooling air conditioners

Well, that is not bad for starters! Wishing folks in the USA a happy Thanksgiving and the rest of us, a day to be thankful for all our blessings.



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