In my back yard …

I am a little obsessed with my ‘garden’ at present. The weather is warming up and I need to keep it well watered. I am enjoying being outside more, however, my blogging has suffered.

This evening I found two frogs who willingly agreed to take part in this blog so I can  have something to write about!

I couldn’t resist taking another photo of my colourful new pots and their bright flowers.

PS For those who follow my blog regularly I am pleased to report I comfortably passed my unit of study in Professional Writing. I only have one more unit to complete to attain the qualification. I am not sure it is worth the stress, but it is good to keep the brain active 🙂



2 thoughts on “In my back yard …

  1. That frog looks like he’s hanging on for dear life ~ a rock climber! Congrats on passing your unit on Professional Writing. Education is seldom wasted ~ a mind once stretched seldom returns to its former dimensions.

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