Daily post: Sink or swim

In 1993 I got a job with the State Government, based in Geraldton. We were living in Newman in the Pilbara at the time. I went on ahead of the family as I had to start work. My former husband and my sons came some time after me.

We had two dogs – Hannah and Angus. Hannah was part Blue Heeler and Angus was part Boxer. The trickiest part of the move was getting the dogs to their new home. The dogs had to fly to Perth and then connect to a regional flight to Geraldton. It was going to be a nightmare, I just knew it.

I should say that I never set out to have dogs but I did come to love them. I am not a ‘good’ dog owner. They walk all over me!

When they finally arrived in Geraldton they had been caged in the cargo hold for many hours. They were not happy! The house we were moving into needed to be secured to make sure the dogs were contained in our yard. A Newman friend had moved to Geraldton prior to us moving and agreed to have the dogs overnight as she had a secure property with good fencing.

The dogs were SO hyper when we got to her place they ran round and around the back yard at one hundred miles an hour. What I didn’t know was that there were goats in the property next door. Amazingly, to my horror, my dogs were able to bound over high fences like Superman! Next they were chasing the goats around and around that property.

I was totally at a loss as what to do. I think if I had a lethal weapon at the point I would have used it (on the dogs, that is!)

So did I sink or swim? I know I wanted to dig a big hole and hide myself inside it. I felt really ashamed of my dogs’ behaviour but even more ashamed of my lack of ability to control them. No goats were hurt in this story, thankfully.

The next day we were able to secure our property and keep the dogs inside the yard. Having a dog is a big responsibility and I really don’t think I am up to it – even though I am sometimes tempted. I can enjoy my neighbours’ dog, Max, next door :-).

Hannah and Angus lived a pretty good life up until they both went on to doggie heaven. I was very sad when I lost them. We all were.

6 thoughts on “Daily post: Sink or swim

  1. Doggies are a lot of responsibility, you are so right. Great story and nice tribute to Hannah and Angus. Chasing the goats must have been crazy to see. Glad it all worked out.

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