Global grocery shopping

This is probably a bit ‘out there’ but I thought it might be interesting to see what other people around the world (i.e. other bloggers) get in their weekly grocery order. I thought it could have a multicultural flavour to it and we could get a comparative idea about the cost of living in different places.

shopping list

This list is recent and includes some special items for Christmas puddings and caters for some anticipated guests as well. I also get my groceries delivered and get the printed list above. I do confess to our weekly indulgence of chocolate and peanuts but I don’t smoke or drink :-).

What do you think? How does my diet compare to yours? Want to share your list? I feel quite vulnerable in a silly way, by sharing my shopping list. I would feel much more comfortable talking about the meaning of life …




4 thoughts on “Global grocery shopping

  1. It’s hard to compare lists since we don’t shop for “the week” ~ we stock up when things are on sale. That said:

    Since we’re vegetarian, we don’t buy meat or fish. We also don’t buy eggs or milk. I do buy bread, cheese, butter, veggies, fruit, rice, pasta. This week, we bought carrots, green beans, broccoli, bananas, clementines, celery, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini squash, English Muffins, whole wheat bread, sourdough bread, pretzels, pita chips, hummus, frozen spinach, apples, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, flour, juice, soy milk, and . . . PIE! :mrgreen:

  2. We tend to shop at several places. Woolies for general groceries, Harris Farm (fruit and veg chain in NSW) for fruit and veg, Sydney fish market or a fish shop on our side of the Harbour for fish, etc. We make our own yogurt and buy coffee from a wholesaler. Nuts, spices, oils, tahini, pickles etc. come from another wholesaler close by. M supplements with fruit and veg bought in the western suburbs where he is currently working because some items are a lot cheaper there than they are on Sydney’s lower north shore. He also bakes bread but has been too busy lately to do that. Of the items on your list, I’ve recently bought Abbot’s bread (although the name sticks in my throat), tomatoes, rolled oats, Lindt chocolate and Schweppes (tonic water). We tend to buy a lot of fresh stuff, but only as much as we can get through. I hate chucking out stuff. We’re bludging off friends on Xmas day so the contents of our fridge are probably unprepresentative at this time of year. We don’t smoke, but both like chocolate and a drink. I buy almost all of our booze online.

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