Weekly photo challenge: Beginning

Today I was watering my garden when I noticed a new leaf on one of my Canna lilies. I always love to see new life unfolding in nature.

beginning 001 (Copy)

There is a bit of a story about my Canna lilies. When I was a child we had them growing along the front fence of our home. Now I was a child that hated school and was fairly creative at finding ways to avoid it. One strategy was that I would say goodbye to Mum and head of in the direction of my school but then I would creep back home using the Canna lilies as camouflage .

I would slip back quietly into the house and back into bed. My Mum would discover me there some time later and would not be happy! “What are you doing there? I thought you had gone to school!” I usually came up with “I am not feeling very well.” Because my Mum was a nurse, and a kind person, she let me get away with it.

So isn’t it amazing how the memory works. I see Canna lilies and in my mind I can see myself avoiding another day at school :-). I bought my lilies recently because of my childhood memories.