Retirement is not for sissies!

… that goes for semi-retirement too!

WARNING: I KNOW I THINK TOO MUCH – that is just how I am made!

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I left my full-time job in 2010 to move to the country. I have no regrets – best thing we ever did. Interestingly it has been a lot more challenging that I thought it would be.

It is only recently that I came to see some of the underlying challenges. Here are some fears I discovered lurking in the back of my mind:

  • fear of economic insecurity
  • fear of losing my skills and abilities from the workplace
  • becoming irrelevant
  • fear of being seen as old and redundant
  • frustration at not being able to contribute in familiar ways
  • fear of becoming boring

I now have time on my hands and choices of how to spend it. That seemed like a real luxury when I was working full-time. Now I am faced with decisions of ‘I should … ‘ or I shouldn’t …’. I also feel some guilt that I am so lucky to be in the place I am in, so I should be enjoying it more.

My intention was to get some part-time work and then to enjoy the benefits of semi-retirement. I have been so focused on getting some work that the rest has been put to one side.

I made a big decision this week. I am going to shift my focus and give priority to doing things I enjoy doing.

I will assess whatever comes along and pursue opportunities that feed me as a person. I can put aside being an employee or being a self-employed consultant. I want to explore my dreams. I have given myself permission TO HAVE dreams! When my focus was on earning some income everything this was put on hold.

I still hope to earn some $’s along the way – I have just shifted my priorities. I don’t know if my words here are actually conveying what I am trying to say – but I feel so much happier in myself and have more energy and enthusiasm for life. YAY!

Lorraine 🙂