Day: January 20, 2014

Unhelpful thoughts …

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Acceptance / emotions / I feel... / Self acceptance / Wisdom

Do you ever jump to conclusions? I know I do. I get into a bad habit of assuming the worst. I found a handout today while sorting my files. It is from The Centre for Clinical Interventions. It is a good reminder not to get into bad thinking habits such as jumping to conclusions. The leaflet says: ‘We jump to  conclusions when we assume that we know what someone else is thinking (mind reading) and […]

Creativity continued

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creativity / emotions / I feel... / Meaning of life and that stuff / Mindfulness / Poetry

I am trying to tap into my creativity and I am exploring writing about feelings. Here is one about anxiety 🙂 ANXIETY I am short of breath Something bad is going to happen There are so many things to remember I am overwhelmed What have I forgotten to do? I should have this sorted by now I need something to relieve the pressure in my head Something to eat … a pill … Perhaps I […]