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Do you ever jump to conclusions? I know I do. I get into a bad habit of assuming the worst.

money box 003I found a handout today while sorting my files. It is from The Centre for Clinical Interventions.

It is a good reminder not to get into bad thinking habits such as jumping to conclusions. The leaflet says:

‘We jump toΒ  conclusions when we assume that we know what someone else is thinking (mind reading) and when we make predictions about what is going to happen in the future.’

I often stumble of over this one – especially if I am feeling a bit low. Truth is that we never know what someone else is thinking! So why not assume they are thinking something good?




  1. If you find yourself gravitating to “worst case scenarios,” practice asking:

    What’s the BEST that could happen?

  2. the more I forgive myself, the easier it is to jump to positive conclusions about others. This has been a great opportunity to see the flip side of this habit. It does set me up to be taken advantage at times though.

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