Tools for becoming more creative

I did a Google search recently to see what I could find about creativity and how to get more of it into my life.

I found this great website – 21 Days to Awaken your Creativity

I subscribed to the site and joined up for the free 21 day course. Each day I receive an email with an activity – not too demanding – and I am really enjoying it (I am only up to day 5).

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It is encouraging me to look at everyday things in a different way. One task was to look at my wardrobe and think about what I regularly wear and consider if there is some way to do it a bit differently. I wore a skirt today whereas I just about always wear my jeans :-).

Today I was filling in time while waiting for an appointment and picked up a magazine. The options weren’t that great and I realised the one I selected was about boating. I have no interest whatsoever in boating, but I decided to read it cover to cover while I was waiting. I tried to see it in a new light. Would you believe it had some really good recipes in it as well (to cook the fish you caught on the boat :-))?

I purchased a nice looking little box to collect interesting bits and pieces that I may be inspired to do something with later. I also bought a basic sewing machine this week. I haven’t used one for a long time but I have ambitions to make table runners and cushion covers – I will see where it leads me.

Anyway, I thought I would share about the website as you may find it interesting as well. I find creativity to be a bit scary really, but exploring it in small doses feels really good.

cheers for now