Day: January 27, 2014

Pots of colour

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Just before Christmas we bought some new pots for our back garden. We put flowering dahlias in them at the time. They looked great while the flowers were in full bloom but not so good afterwards. We now have six palm trees that can grow up to 10 metres tall. Hopefully they will do well and offer a nice green foliage against the back fence.

Antony Gormley

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In 2003 I went to Lake Ballard near Menzies, north of Kalgoorlie in remote Western Australia. A rather unique exhibition was on display on the salt lake known as Lake Ballard. The sculptures by Antony Gormley, were placed on site in 2003 just before I visited and stay as a tourist attraction in the region. See the Wiki link below 🙂 To learn more about Lake Ballard and Antony Gormley CLICK HERE