Encore Careers Australia

BLUE 013I recently wrote a post about making the transition from full-time work to a different lifestyle. You can see the original post here The Third Age

I have since decided to start a new blog about, and dedicated to, those of us who are past 50 and wondering how best to use our time for the next few decades.

My new blog is Encore Australia and you are very welcome to visit and leave any thoughts or comments on the site. I have also found some links that you may find of interest. I hope it will be a lively and interactive site that stimulates ideas and opportunities.

This is not a business venture and there is nothing for sale – it is for sharing ideas and inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Encore Careers Australia

    • Thanks Nancy. I am going with the flow with this one. I think it has great potential – there is definitely a big need. Thanks for alerting me to what is happening in the US with Encore :-). I am thinking of seeing if there is enough interest locally to start a not-for-profit group who is able to get this moving and get some funding … just ideas at this stage!

    • Thank you Eric. It was your blog on Encore (shared with me by Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way) that got me started on this journey. It says so much about where I am at currently and from experience, I know if I am dealing with an issue, there are bound to be others as well.

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