Torn …

Today I was thinking about the times when we are torn between two people, two job options, a parent and child, to diet or not, two roads …

The more I thought about it I realised that just about every moment we are having to choose which way to go. It is in navigating these choices that makes our journey what it is. It can be a pretty uncomfortable place to be if our loyalties are being tugged in different directions. Especially if you are trying to keep everyone happy :-).

I guess it is one of those Universal feelings we all experience from time to time.

Daily Prompt: I walk the line


Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

  • live and let live is my number one guide to living day-to-day
  • my family and friends are my highest priorities
  • people are more important than things
  • perfection is over-rated
  • look after what you have and you will be rewarded with greater blessings
  • consider, ‘how important is it, in the scheme of things?’
  • some people need a little more support than others to meet a similar outcome
  • it is better to say nothing than to say something hurtful
  • all people have the potential for good
  • love can heal many sorrows but not all of them
  • create good memories each day you live
  • remember the person next to you may have a bundle of troubles you cannot see – be compassionate always
  • remember to smile as it may brighten someone else’s day and your own
  • sometimes the best advice you can give is to remain silent and listen
  • forgive others who may of hurt you – it may turn their lives around and you will feel better too
  • music is good for the soul as is nature
  • accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can.

How is that for starters? Do you have any you would like to add to the list?

That will teach him :-)

Recently my sister-in-law said she had a tetanus injection and that we should too. She works in public health and knows about these things. I couldn’t see the need for being immunised, but my husband thought it was a good idea. As I spend more and more time in my garden, he is concerned I may injure myself and has reminded me that I should have an injection.

I saw my GP today and while there, I told her my husband thought I should have a jab. She agreed it could be a good idea and then asked, ‘Has your husband been immunised?’ All I could do was laugh. As we came out of her office she called to my husband and fairly forcefully suggested he should join me in this adventure.

needleWe both have sore arms now but I don’t think he will recommend any more health treatments for me – unless he is prepared to have them as well :-).

If you are interested in knowing more about tetanus, here is some information from The Better Health Channel

Tetanus is a serious bacterial disease that causes muscle spasms and breathing problems. Tetanus is uncommon in Australia because of the widespread use of the tetanus vaccine. Some types of wounds are more likely to encourage the growth of tetanus bacteria, such as compound fractures, animal bites, burns or any wounds contaminated with soil, horse manure or pieces of foreign objects. Immunisation is available and serious side effects or allergic reactions are rare.



Writing and research

The current module in my writing course is about doing research for fiction writing. Our tutor provided the students with a list of questions and instructed us to visit the State Library (Battye Library) to find the relevant information. It wasn’t a test of who could find the best material – the purpose was to encourage the students to physically get out there and find the richness of resources available to create interesting and informative stories. Accessing The West Australian newspaper on microfilm was an important part of the exercise.

IMG_0604 (Copy)

I rocked up to Busselton library yesterday with my list of questions. I found myself in a panic for a few minutes, thinking to myself, ‘why can’t I just Google it?’ It was hard work looking through indexes of hard copies of books to glean a couple of sentences for the exercise. After about fifteen minutes I found myself lost in the experience and wanting to take home every book I picked up!

I spent two hours at the library and found everything I needed except the newspapers on microfilm. This morning I found digitalised copies of the West Australian on Trove at the National Gallery. My task then was to research what was happening in the wider world on the date of my birth. It is a fabulous resource and I spent hours reading through it and making notes. I then repeated the process with my mother’s date of birth in 1922 – again I found some great reading!

Ferguson Valley 015 (Copy)I now have until Monday to write a piece of fiction (500-600 words) based on, and using the information gleaned through the newspapers and library research. The story will be set on that date in November 1954. The assignment is due on Monday – feeling a bit under pressure to come up with a good plot. I can see some brainstorming, mind-mapping or whatever it takes, happening here!

From blogger to author – an interview with Peter Wells (countingducks)

You may know Peter Wells as countingducks on Peter has very kindly followed my blog for a while and I always enjoy reading his. Just recently Peter launched a novel called, Living Life Backwards, published by PDMI.

Peter kindly agreed to be interviewed about his experience of transitioning from blogger to author. Here are my questions and Peter’s responses below …

1. Have you always enjoyed writing?
I’ve always been quietly creative in various formats, and used to write poetry when I was studying for my degree, but never considered it to be a professional ambition. I had no idea how that would be achieved.

2. Did you do lots of research and preparation before you started or did the story grow organically as you wrote it?
I’ve never done a millisecond of research for anything creative, ( Bows his head in shame ). I like to go for walks, and an idea will float into my head.

3. Did you develop your characters before you started writing or did they grow as the story grew?
The main character, and possibly a couple of others come out of my imagination, and then the number of characters can grow, depending on the plot and the need to people it with individuals who give it life.

4. Were you inclined to edit as you wrote or did you just get it all down and go with the flow?
I always try and write a set number of words in a day, although I have struggled with that since having my novel published, and the time pressure that produces. At the weekend, for as much time as possible, I always review what I have written during the week, so that I am always ‘refining on the go’.

5. Is there a connection between your blog writing and the writing of your novel?
There is a connection, in that the novels come out of Blog posts, and the character’s created within them. I tend to change the tone, because the novel is more reflective than comic in tone, thought humour peeps out of the ages at regular intervals.

6. Did you use an agent or go direct to a publisher?
My story is a little unusual as I was “discovered” as they say, by a publisher who came across and then followed my Blog for a time. When they approached me, I had not written a book, so ‘Living Life Backwards’ was written to order. I have to say, the publishers have been quite excellent, and taken away many of the challenges faced by new authors. Step forward Victoria and PDMI and take a bow!

7. Did you have to face some rejections before a publisher agreed to take it on?
Given my previous answer but that is not to say that could not happen. There is no guarantee of any book being published by any one publisher so, if you believe in your craft and your talent, facing rejection is a fact of life. Luckily I have been trained to deal with it over the years as a result of the reception enjoyed by some of the dishes I’ve cooked !

8. It is interesting that you have gone for a paperback book as well as an e-book? Any thoughts on why or was it the publisher’s decision?
All that was the decision of the Publisher: what I can tell you, apart from the words and story of course, is that the cover illustration, the editing, formatting, and the first paragraph of your book are the key to its getting attention. They should all be as good as you can make them, as shoddy execution can often blind the reading public to what might be an excellent story.

Flowers from Jeanne and Lee for my wedding in June.

 Wishing you every success Peter (countingducks) and thank you for taking part in this interview 🙂

Daily Post: Mr Sandman

A recent Daily Post Prompt asked, “What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?”

So, what kind of sleeper am I? NOT GOOD!

I am nearing the end of Week 1 of a four-week trial in using some really interesting equipment to help me to sleep better at night. Teddy offered to model the two masks for me for this blog today :-). It is for the relief of sleep apnoea.

You can click on the link HERE if you would like to read more about it. I am feeling much better already 🙂