Free writing

Writing exercises are a compulsory part of my current studies. With each Module we are instructed to do an exercise of Wild Writing which requires a set period of time of putting my head down and writing. I have chosen to do these exercises with a pen and not a word processor. My fingers are getting a good work out!

The ECU Unit refers to Goldberg‘s rules for writing practice:

1. Keep your hand moving

2. Lose control

3. Be specific

4. Don’t think

5. Don’t think about punctuation, grammar, spelling etc.

6. Feel free to write junk (don’t be judgmental)

7. Go for the jugular.

Ferguson Valley 001 (Copy)

I did a Google search and came up with a similar list (below) on Wikipedia

Here are the essential rules that are often formulated for the beginners or students, often a paraphrase of Natalie Goldberg’s “Rules for Free Writing,” often referred as Natalie Goldberg’s first four rules of writing:

  • Give yourself a time limit. Write for one or ten or twenty minutes, and then stop.
  • Keep your hand moving until the time is up. Do not pause to stare into space or to read what you’ve written. Write quickly but not in a hurry.
  • Pay no attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, neatness, or style. Nobody else needs to read what you produce here. The correctness and quality of what you write do not matter; the act of writing does.
  • If you get off the topic or run out of ideas, keep writing anyway. If necessary, write nonsense or whatever comes into your head, or simply scribble: anything to keep the hand moving.
  • If you feel bored or uncomfortable as you’re writing, ask yourself what’s bothering you and write about that.
  • When the time is up, look over what you’ve written, and mark passages that contain ideas or phrases that might be worth keeping or elaborating on in a subsequent free-writing session.

It is good fun and I find that I do come up with some ideas during the process. Have a go!

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