Customer expectations

I have lived in the country for four years now. I get a bit frustrated with,what seems to be, disinterested customer service or seemingly no service at all. When I go for beauty treatments I ask questions about skin care and the like and the beauty therapists don’t seem to see a sales opportunity when it is under their noses.


No doubt if I was in the city, I would be offered a whole range of solutions to my ‘problem’. I have interpreted the country service as apathy and lack of interest in me as a customer. Here I am, ready to spend my money, and they don’t pick up the cues.

Townsville City in July

Townsville City

I had a medical appointment yesterday and was again feeling disillusioned by their customer service. However, I realise now that I misinterpreted their signals. What we get in the regional towns are real people who are providing a service to their clients. They aren’t motivated by making the next sale and gaining commission from it. They relate to me as a real person – not just a customer or client. They are not acting a part in a business transaction – they are treating me as an equal – and I think that is a good thing and I can now reinterpret my first impressions.

8 thoughts on “Customer expectations

  1. I live in the country and try to buy local but the lack of service, lack of communication and lack of common sense is driving me crazy. I was born in the country and I really do think service has gone backwards over the years. I guess those with get up and go, got up and went to the city.

  2. You are correct in your perception. It drove me crazy when I first moved to Tasmania in 1979. Eventually I stopped fighting it and decided not to let it get me down. The clue is to always be the one to take the initiative (follow-up phone calls etc) because the sales-person / service person will not. That aside, it is still a great place to live though.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Yes I think the positives out weigh the negatives re living in the country. I have never been to Tassie. My husband is from the UK and has toured Tasmania – I am from Victoria originally and never ventured south πŸ™‚

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