What is your favourite movie of all time?

My favourite movie is  84 Charing Cross Road (CLICK HERE for more info) starring Anthony Hopkins and Ann Bancroft. Anthony Hopkins is also my favourite actor :-). I first saw the movie in the 1980s at the theatre and watched it on video many time since. I wonder if it has gone digital …

Link is from Wikipedia.

11 thoughts on “What is your favourite movie of all time?

  1. Avalon with Aiden Quinn. I really love tales of immigration and how it affects the generations to come. Avalon was a beautiful examination of what was gained and what was lost from one family’s arrival in America.
    I LOVED it!!!!!

    • Thanks Nancy. Yes I agree with the similarity – I was going to say something relating to that in the post but couldn’t find the right words 🙂

  2. I do not think I have seen this movie. I must hire the DVD and watch it. I do love Anthony Hopkins.. except of course his character in Silence of the Lambs. Although it deserved an oscar I have never been able to watch that movie a second time. It fills me with horror.
    Love that quote!

  3. Mmm… I don’t really do movies. Those who know me know my one liner…
    “I don’t live other people’s fantasies… I create my own!”
    But… I have seen some pretty good movies in my day… a few that stand out…
    The Right Stuff
    Dead Poet’s Society
    and… The Highlander… because it was the first movie I went to watch with my good lady.
    Those were the days…
    the last time I was in a movie house was with my good lady and the two boys… for (supposidly) the movie of all movies… that horrid third movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy!
    I hated it… all I remember is darkness and NOISE!!
    No… for me, that wrecked Tolkien’s magic! Almost permanently! I can’t really think of rereading the book as the horror of the movie is seared into my brain!
    OK.. I’ll go away… before the movie police come looking for me! 😉

  4. Thanks for your thoughts Vossey. I actually think you would enjoy the movie I mentioned as it is all about old books and the international conversation between the book seller and the buyer. I don’t like my chances of convincing you though. Have a good week 🙂

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