Poverty of Spirit

When I look at the conflict in the world I despair about our future.

I think the quote below sums it up very well. I include myself in this. I really do value the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in the international community. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our politicians¬† could do as much?

Martin Luther King Jr

11 thoughts on “Poverty of Spirit

  1. I don’t think this is the product of the modern age. Man’s inhumanity to man has existed throughout history and pre-history. If anything, we’ve grown calmer, gentler, more tolerant, and more civilized with the passage of time.

    We’ve come a long way, baby!

    When we travel, we don’t worry about highway bandits. Blacks and women have the vote and can compete with men for good jobs. Etc.

    • Ah yes, but here is Australia we have a government sending us backwards; disrespectful to gender equality and sending asylum seekers back onto treacherous seas into war-zones.

      • Hi Elizabeth, I totally agree with you on the current Australian government. I just hope the rest of Australia wakes up to them before the next election. I am already noticing some FB friends who are Liberals, are turning against them.

    • Hi Nancy, I accept what you say that we have made progress but I agree with the quote that we have made more technical progress etc than we have in getting on with each other.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. It doesn’t take much to take humanity back in time – I remember the book “The Lord of the Flies”.
      Maybe I should stop watching the news for a while : )

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