An old man

old man

Who is this old man? Does he have a name? Is he rich or poor – kind or mean? Where does he live? Is he educated or just street wise? Is he loved and has he known happiness?


I joined a creative writing group today and we are tasked with writing a story with the topic of “An old man”. I found this unidentified image on the internet and I want to delve into his life and personality so he becomes alive in the story I am yet to write.

From looking at the photo, what do you see? Do you think he has had a hard life? Does he have any secrets? Is he famous? Perhaps I can use your observations in my story πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “An old man

  1. I believe surface ‘looks’ can be equal parts deceiving and leading. At his core, I suspect he is little different than you and I. However, his life story and experiences could vary wildly. But how does one know (and thus, write about) ‘who’ he is without knowing him?

    Good on you for taking on the challenge! Enjoy.

  2. Look into his eyes; what do you see there? Then look into his eyes within the context of his face. What do you see now? Begin from there and I think you will have your story.

    • Thank you! I like your approach to the old man. Doesn’t he have some wonderful character lines? I have started writing a story about him. I may post it on my blog when I am done πŸ™‚

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