5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Summer Lovin’

    • Hi Nancy, I took the lazy way out and included some info from Wikipedia :-). We do still get lots of sunshine in winter interspersed by clouds and rain.

      Busselton experiences a Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa/Csb). Residents and visitors enjoy moderate temperatures, with an average maximum temperature of 22°C and a minimum of 11°C. The summers are generally hot, with an average daily maximum of 28 °C (82.4 °F) with cooling afternoon sea breezes, and a winter that delivers cooler temperatures; 8 to 18 °C (46.4 to 64.4 °F) and rain that supports diverse agricultural industries, including a world-famous[citation needed] grape-growing region. The annual average rainfall for Busselton is 864 mm, with the wettest period being from May to September.

      • Thanks, Rainee. That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t remember exactly where you were. Your winter temps are about the same as ours. So much better than mountains of snow. Or piles of ice.

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