Weekly photo challenge: Fray

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This is a photo of me taken in the last couple of years. Each year I make Christmas Puddings following my mother-in-law’s recipe. When she passed away I inherited her bowls, old kitchen scales, rolling pin (to crush the almonds) and even the frayed apron. The responsibility for producing the Christmas Pudding is now solely up to me! Such responsibility :-). I still have the apron and don’t have the heart to throw it out and get a new one!

Christmas Pudding time

Christmas Pudding time


  1. We too keep the family tradition going…….not sure our kids will but I think the granddaughters might. Nor are we sure how old our recipe is, a few generations that is for sure, but it works and tastes great. Enjoy the stir.

    • Nice! Thanks for sharing your experience. I think it gives a feeling of continuity in today’s changing world to keep up some of the old traditions.

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  3. Always honest, I’ll admit I have little taste for pudding, Rainee. Yet I am impressed that you are still using your mother-in-law’s legacies. 🙂

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