Month: September 2014

Health …

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I am thinking about ‘health’ for the past week. Not that I am sick or have any big revelations about it, but I am considering how we deal with whatever our health status is. Some people make a big deal out of minor ailments and yet some others are silent and brave about serious concerns. I believe that as we get older, the health system responds to us differently. This is when the doctor responds […]

Hobbies and Interests

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In 2010 I ceased working full-time and moved to the South West to enjoy the wonderful experience of not having to set the alarm and get up and go to work. Funnily enough, I still wake up early most days even though I don’t set the alarm. I have been grappling with what best to do with my time now. I have tried a range of things, including self-employment, volunteer work, gardening, blogging and recently […]

Seeking a simple life …

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When  it comes to what is important in life, I think the less complicated we make it, the better. Family, friends and good neighbours contribute to many of the simple joys we experience. Sunshine and access to nature are important too. No games of pretense to confuse our relationships with those around us – be who you really are! Maximise your strengths and curb your weaknesses where you can. We all have something positive to […]

Spring time

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Celebrating Spring! Here are few shots of my jasmine plant and some photos of flowers given to me recently by some friends visiting from Perth. I nearly always take photos of flowers so that I can enjoy them for much longer! The water feature looks a bit grotty but last time I cleaned it I found two big frogs and lots of tadpoles. I decided they have permission to stay!

Weekly photo challenge: Adventure

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In 2008 we visited England and Ireland. I had a day to myself and decided to go on a guided tour. Passengers boarded the coach at a central location and we visited St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and other key London sites. Part of the journey was by boat to the Tower of London. The details are a bit foggy now but I remember we were told to be ready to board the coach at […]

What makes a ‘good life’ ?

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I have been reflecting on the ingredients for a good life – what does it take? My thoughts went to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as in the diagram below. In reading about it on Wikipedia I found there is a new theory that has overtaken Maslow’s and it is the Attachment Theory. I am interested in finding out some more about that, but not tonight 🙂 I did a Google search on well-being and also found […]