Weekly photo challenge: Adventure

DSC00561In 2008 we visited England and Ireland. I had a day to myself and decided to go on a guided tour. Passengers boarded the coach at a central location and we visited St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and other key London sites. Part of the journey was by boat to the Tower of London.

The details are a bit foggy now but I remember we were told to be ready to board the coach at 5.00pm (after the visit to the Tower of London) at a designated location (a tree near a cafe). Now I thought I understood the instructions but I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention as I was waiting (with another lady) under a different tree near a different cafe.

When 5.00pm came and went I realised something must be wrong. I had the tour brochure in my bag so I called them to find out what was happening. The coach had departed the Tower at 5.00pm as scheduled so I was left to find my way back to where we were staying.

I started walking and I had absolutely no sense of direction – whether I was getting closer to the centre of London or wandering further and further away. I was determined to get back to our apartment without seeking help. I saw a sign for the Underground and was able to buy a ticket and get home much easier than I thought possible. It was probably even quicker than the bus!

That was a memorable adventure! And now I listen to instructions, well sometimes I do …

5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Adventure

  1. Ha ha. This reminds me when I went to London with my two youngest children. We had dinner and then they sent me back to the hotel, and they went to check out the London night-life. It was about 10-30 pm and the tube shuts down at mid-night. Anyway, I fell asleep. The train went to the end of the line and started going back again before I woke up. When I did wake up, I had to then catch another train to connect back to where I should have gotten off. I got back just in time before the trains closed down. The kids in the meantime could not reach me (because texts don’t come through in the underground) and were starting to get frantic wondering where I was. They do say ‘live long enough to be a worry to your children’. I lived up to that quote on that day.

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