Month: November 2014

It really is a small world

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When I was little, my Uncle Roy bought me a microscope for my birthday. I still remember my fascination at looking down the scope and being amazed to see a leaf transformed into something magical. I had thought about buying myself a microscope to rediscover the small details we can’t see with the naked eye. My son, Joel, heard about this and bought me a microscope for my recent birthday – and I have had […]

Optimism … easier said than done?

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Acceptance / emotions / Meaning of life and that stuff

This time last week I wrote about a couple of people I spoke with during the day. Both were facing major issues – one was dealing with sickness in the family and the other had serious business problems. Today I caught up with the business person again and ventured to ask her if she had any success in fixing a major piece of machinery. Last week she said it could not be fixed and she […]


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Acceptance / beautiful / creativity / lucid dreaming

I have written few posts recently about a book about being in the flow. I have finished reading it now but I have noticed my dreams are being more lucid – meaning that I know that I am dreaming and can actually direct what happens in my dreams. It is a wonderful experience that has happened to me a few times in the past. It is not something I can manufacture. I suspect that the […]

Weekly photo challenge: Achievement

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I made the above picture (with cloth, glue and cardboard + butterflies) as a way of expressing the importance  of that time in our lives beyond 45 years of age. The bottom purple rectangle represents our youth up to around 21 years old where we are in a phase of learning about ourselves and the world around us. The cream rectangle with three gold butterflies represents the years from around 21 to around 45 years. […]

Our inability to control everything

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Some days I worry about what might go wrong and then I remember that I cannot control everything around me. Even when I plan everything perfectly there is usually something that can throw me off course. When I remind myself of the limits on what I can control, I am able to let go, be more relaxed, and go with the flow. Today I spoke with two people with situations way beyond their control. The […]

Weekly photo challenge: Minimalist

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A LITTLE ABOUT MEEKATHARRA (from Wikipedia) Meekatharra is a town in the Mid West region of Western Australia. Meekatharra is an Australian Aboriginal, the Yamatji peoples’ word meaning ‘place of little water’. At the 2011 census, Meekatharra had a population of 812, with 47.0% being of Aboriginal descent. Meekatharra is a major supply centre for the pastoral and mining area in the Murchison region of Western Australia. It is located 764 km north-east of Perth and […]

The flow state

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Flow / Meaning of life and that stuff / Mindfulness / Wisdom

I am reading (still) Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly and published by Harper Perennial – first published in 1990. It is one of those books where I keep going “Aha!” as I discover the writer has put my jumbled thoughts into eloquent words that seem quite profound. It is not often I find a book that answers so many questions for me. I could not do it credit by trying […]