Month: February 2015

Self worth or Ego?

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Meaning of life and that stuff / Self acceptance

I was at a meeting the other day and I went along with the attitude of wanting to get involved. I was taken aback by the chair of the meeting – he couldn’t seem to notice I was there. I have grappled with this and wondered whether I was having an issue with my ego (wanting to be noticed etc) and I felt quite annoyed. I offered to take on a significant and time-consuming role […]

What does fear mean for you?

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Acceptance / Friends and family / You must be kidding?

I used to be frightened of lions and elephants when I was a child. That may have been reasonable if I lived somewhere near the jungle or even a zoo – I didn’t. Some of the children’s stories I grew up with were very scary – Hansel and Gretal, Red Riding Hood – even Cinderella with those ugly step-sisters. My two brothers really enjoyed scaring the daylights out of me. They would pretend to be […]

Introvert or Extrovert?

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creativity / emotions / Writing

I believe I am an introvert. As time goes by, I realise that being introverted affects many areas of my life. I am not much into group activities and feel much more comfortable in a one on one situation. Last year I did a writing course online and I really got into it (I had to as there were assignments to do). In doing the course I found a way to tell my stories from […]

Old photos and an old song …

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Friends and family / Gratitude

I must be feeling nostalgic. I was looking for an old photo today – one of me on my brother’s shoulders – I was terrified at the time. I couldn’t find it but, as happens with photos, I got caught up in looking at photos at my parents’ home when my children were little. It was always such a busy place with people coming and going – the kettle was always on! My parents had […]