Self worth or Ego?

I was at a meeting the other day and I went along with the attitude of wanting to get involved. I was taken aback by the chair of the meeting – he couldn’t seem to notice I was there. I have grappled with this and wondered whether I was having an issue with my ego (wanting to be noticed etc) and I felt quite annoyed.

I offered to take on a significant and time-consuming role for the group (setting up and administering a new Facebook Group) but I still felt invisible to our group leader. I found the image below and it was a good reminder to me that my ability doesn’t depend on someone else being able to see it.

Self Worth

5 thoughts on “Self worth or Ego?

  1. Sounds like he had the ego issue Lorraine! We all want to be validated. Its a basic human need. When the other person is wrapped up in his own agenda and unable to connect to others, then it is an ego issue.

  2. Sometimes I put it down to my wearing an invisibility cloak!! I do like your quote though, it is a reminder not to put yourself down when someone else can’t/won’t/doesn’t see you.

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