To Sleep – Perchance to Dream


We DO spend a lot of our time either sleeping or trying to get to sleep. It can be so variable.

  • There is that lovely feeling of slipping into another zone while relaxed and reading a book.
  • Then there are nights that sleep won’t come not matter what I do. I get up and have a snack and rest on the lounge until I feel sleepy and then slip back to bed again.
  • Sometimes I experience lucid dreaming. I realise in my dream that I am dreaming and that I can choose what I want to happen. It is great fun but doesn’t occur very often.
  • Sometimes I have nightmares. My most recent series involves being in a head-on collision. I am very pleased when I wake and realise I am only dreaming.
  • I sometimes have really mystical type dreams and wake up feeling inspired and happy.
  • Most of the time my sleep is fairly ordinary – which is a great thing – that is what I want it to be 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

Do you know that feeling when you are enveloped in your car and cannot escape as it moves back and forth in the automatic car wash?

Snug as a bug in a rug 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

When I hear the expression, forces of nature, I am reminded how powerful tropical storms are and the damage they cause to the landscape – especially man-made infrastructure.

I took these photos in the mid-1980’s in Fitzroy Crossing, during the wet season, after floods had isolated the town from surrounding communities.

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

wishesI chose this question out of 48 Questions to Ask Your Kids by Erin Waters & Momastery (Momastery). It is a resource to “Unlock the hearts of your little ones using these keys to great family conversation”.

I thought the questions could also double as interesting prompts for blog topics.

Now, let me think about this important question for a minute or two …

1. My first wish is to ask for peace of mind. A mind that is calm and confident yet humble, grateful and open.

2. My second wish is for health, happiness and peace of mind for my family, friends and neighbours.

3. My third wish is for the rise of a new way of doing and seeing life where we can live in harmony with each other regardless of our race, wealth or poverty, religion or cultural differences. Our current system of capitalism and democracy does not make the greatest outcome for ALL. It may serve us well in many ways but perhaps there are other paths not yet traveled.

If we were all able to experience good health, happiness and peace of mind then perhaps a new perspective may be possible where we can all live together in peace and mutual support.

So, what would your three wishes be?