Month: May 2015

To Sleep – Perchance to Dream

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The Daily Post

We DO spend a lot of our time either sleeping or trying to get to sleep. It can be so variable. There is that lovely feeling of slipping into another zone while relaxed and reading a book. Then there are nights that sleep won’t come not matter what I do. I get up and have a snack and rest on the lounge until I feel sleepy and then slip back to bed again. Sometimes I […]

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

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Acceptance / Friends and family / Mindfulness / Wisdom

I chose this question out of 48 Questions to Ask Your Kids by Erin Waters & Momastery (Momastery). It is a resource to “Unlock the hearts of your little ones using these keys to great family conversation”. I thought the questions could also double as interesting prompts for blog topics. Now, let me think about this important question for a minute or two … 1. My first wish is to ask for peace of mind. […]