To Sleep – Perchance to Dream


We DO spend a lot of our time either sleeping or trying to get to sleep. It can be so variable.

  • There is that lovely feeling of slipping into another zone while relaxed and reading a book.
  • Then there are nights that sleep won’t come not matter what I do. I get up and have a snack and rest on the lounge until I feel sleepy and then slip back to bed again.
  • Sometimes I experience lucid dreaming. I realise in my dream that I am dreaming and that I can choose what I want to happen. It is great fun but doesn’t occur very often.
  • Sometimes I have nightmares. My most recent series involves being in a head-on collision. I am very pleased when I wake and realise I am only dreaming.
  • I sometimes have really mystical type dreams and wake up feeling inspired and happy.
  • Most of the time my sleep is fairly ordinary – which is a great thing – that is what I want it to be πŸ™‚


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