Now for something completely different …

I am taking part in BirdLife Australia’s Beach-nesting Birds Project. I have been allocated an area of beach to monitor along with another woman (see map below).

Map for Western Hooded Plovers 001 (Copy)

This morning I did my second monitoring visit looking for the elusive Western Hooded Plover (pictured below).

IMG (Copy)

These delightful creatures nest directly on the beach or the nearby dunes and their nests are susceptible to being stepped on by people or damaged by dogs. They are so well camouflaged they are very difficult to find. I didn’t see any this morning but I will be back again in a fortnight to have another try.

Here are some snaps I took while at the beach.

10 thoughts on “Now for something completely different …

  1. What a great contribution to your community and environment, Rainee. I hope you spot a Western Hooded Plover, better yet several, on your next tour of duty.

  2. What a cool project! We have many different species of plovers here and they are always fun to see and observe. But I’m a nut for any type of bird. I’ll be following along on your blog to see how the effort is going!

    • Birds ARE amazing! My next monitoring visit is tomorrow and you have prompted me to remember to take my camera however I need to stay a distance from the plovers and nests if I find them.

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