In search of the elusive Western Hooded Plover

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South Western Australia / Western Hooded Plover

Still no sign of this elusive creature however it is fun looking.

IMG (Copy)

It wasn’t without excitement though!

18October Hoodies Monitoring 004 (Copy) 18October Hoodies Monitoring 010 (Copy)

I spotted these fishermen on the shore when I arrived and saw them bring in a big fish just as I was leaving. They didn’t know I was behind them and they were really excited – jumping up and down and using the F word prolifically. I think they were a bit embarrassed when I asked if I could take their photo :-).

18October Hoodies Monitoring 008 (Copy)

We just got home before a big downpour of rain. Timed it perfectly.


  1. Anonymous says

    When you do get to see the elusive Western Hooded Plover please, please post a snap. Right now they seem mythical, in the same category as unicorns. Keep looking.

    • Yes, I will definitely do that. The research is happening to identify the numbers of these birds to see if they are a threatened species. Building a nest on the beach is not very sustainable!

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