Month: November 2015

Ode to Laughter

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I found this little poem in an old book of my mother’s called Philosopher’s Notebook. It was compiled by Monty Blandford and published by Hallcraft Publishing Company in 1952. ODE TO LAUGHTER A laugh is just like sunshine, It freshens all the day; It tips the peaks of life with light, And drives the clouds away. The soul grows glad that hears it, And feels its courage strong, A laugh is just like sunshine For […]

The Flying Monkey

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Flow / Mindfulness

Originally posted on <a href="">Spirit Lights The Way</a>: <br />Once upon a place and time, a monkey flew through the jungle, clinging and swinging from vine to vine. Ignorant of his true nature, he clung to the belief that he could fly only when swinging and clinging from one vine to the next. He swung as he clung and clung as he swung. Afraid to “let go.” Until the day he woke up and remembered who he…

Definitions with a difference

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Just for fun / Uncategorized

I found these definitions in a book that belonged to my mother. It is called Philosopher Reflects. It has lots of interesting little snippets. Definitions: A Bored: A person who talks when you wish him to listen. Coward: One who in a perilous emergency thinks with his legs. Hospitality: The virtue which induces us to lodge and feed certain persons who are not in need of food or lodgings. Patience: A minor form of despair, […]

Assertive or aggressive?

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Mindfulness / Wisdom

I have never been very good at dealing with conflict. I just don’t like it! Never-the-less, we are sometimes caught in situations where we either give in too easily on the one hand or, alternatively, get too angry.  I came across this little story recently and thought it was worth sharing (again) as I believe it provides an alternative to the extremes of not acting and reacting in a negative way. Once there was a […]

A poem: Magpies by Judith Wright

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Magpies / Poetry

Magpies Along the road the magpies walk with hands in pockets, left and right. They tilt their heads, and stroll and talk. In their well-fitted black and white. They look like certain gentlemen who seem most nonchalant and wise until their meal is served — and then what clashing beaks, what greedy eyes! But not one man that I have heard throws back his head in such a song of grace and praise — no […]

Character cottage

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Australia / Nature / Western Australia

We went to Augusta yesterday. It is only an hour’s drive from home. It was a nice spot but we decided to come home after one night. I took some snaps of the character features in the cottage we stayed in. They should have mentioned the loo was outside – a big oversight in the advertising. The location was lovely so we may go back to Augusta again but next time we’ll make sure it […]

A poem from “Word From Home” – an Anthology

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Word from Home is an anthology of prose and verse compiled for THE KING’S FORCES by Lt. General Sir Tom Bridges and published by English University Press. I often pick up books that look interesting and this is one such book. It came out in 1940 and has a diverse range of poems and poets. I have selected one to share today.   It is called The Sunken Garden by Walter De La Mare. Speak not […]