Five years blogging and another year starts …

It is five years this week since I started my blog – a lot has changed in those five years! A lot has stayed the same too.

As I look back over the past year and look toward 2016 I wonder what lies ahead. I am sitting on a fence in time between the old and the new.

I am not looking for adventure or to do anything great. I just hope my friends, family, neighbours and fellow bloggers will keep well, enjoy life and know love and peace in their days.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

If you would like to know more about this week’s challenge click on   Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

It is a warm day today  (NOW) – around 30 degrees Celsius. The West Australian sky is brilliant blue; the vegetables are thriving; and the chili plants are sheltering the water feature from too much sun.


Merry Christmas

Wishing you, your friends and family, a happy, healthy, safe and fun Christmas Day.

Thank you for reading my blog throughout the year and I look forward to interacting with you again in 2016.

We are ready and waiting for Santa to arrive – less than three hours to midnight here :-).



An unsettling dream …


I don’t usually write about my dreams as they can be pretty weird, as they are with most people I imagine. Last night I had a dream that hasn’t occurred for several years.

I dreamed I had (secretly) buried a dead body (some time ago) and it was about to be discovered. I was extremely anxious and dreading being found out. I wondered what this dream theme symbolises so I did a google search.

It is surprising to find out that it is a common dream and I thought it might be interesting to see if other bloggers have experienced it as well.

Here is a link to one site that provides an interpretation: Dream Meaning

Have any readers experienced this dream as well? Please let me know as I am curious about how common it is.

***the photo is of Wittenoom in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where asbestos mining took place up until the late 20th century.


It is the little things…

A lovely post from Sabigurl …

Welcome To SabiGurl's Blog

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She wanted to talk, she had a lot on her mind, but there was no one to listen to her. She needed a shoulder to lean on, but everyone had their own problem to attend too.  She thought to call a friend, he was too busy to listen, and he called her a ‘drama-queen’. She felt lonelier with each passing day. People she thought were her friends were not there for her at the time she needed them the most. Gradually she fell into depression.

He wished he could talk to his parents, but they were too busy making money. He was an only child, he never had anyone to guide him and he never related much with his relatives because he didn’t have the opportunity. Whenever he had problems his parent would shove him aside claiming they had one deadline or the other to meet. He wasn’t a happy…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

What do we call a gathering of politicians?


I worked for the North West Telegraph (a Pilbara community newspaper in the early 1990’s) and all these pollies happened to be in  town at the same time. There must have been an election in the air!

If anyone is interested, from left to right, is Graham Campbell (former Federal MP for Kalgoorlie), Mark Neville (former State MP), Peter Walsh (former Finance Minister in the Federal Government), Tom Helm (former State MP, Pilbara), Kevin Leahy, (former State MP, Northern Rivers) and Tom Stephens (former State member for the Pilbara who went on to hold various Ministerial posts).

For more information about the Weekly Photo Challenge click HERE


Where do Australians come from?

I am Australian however my ancestors are relatively new to this country compared to Indigenous Australians.

My father’s father was a first generation Australian and his father was born in Ennis, Ireland.

My paternal grandmother and her father were both born in Australia but the previous generation of their family called Denmark home.

My mother’s father was born in Australia as was his father, however the previous generation called Barrhead, Scotland home.

My mother’s mother was also born here but her father came from Alderbury, Wiltshire in England. He also spent some time in California during the gold rush.

It was interesting to get the results of a recent DNA ethnicity test and find that my profile was as follows:

Irish 34%

Great Britain 30%

Scandinavia 18%

The balance is made up of 9% Western Europe and 6% Italy/Greece and a mixture for the remaining 3%.

Having done the DNA test I find it interesting to reflect how multicultural Australia really is and has been since the First Fleet arrived in 1788.

Life’s lessons

I have heard the following expression at various times in my life. Are you familiar with it?

” Whatever or whoever is in front of you is your teacher.”

It is not always easy to remember this when I am in an uncomfortable or awkward situation. Sometimes I might get caught with someone talking about things I don’t believe in. I try to stay silent and listen – after all, they may have some greater insight into the issue than I do.

Or maybe someone doesn’t turn up on time when I am on a tight schedule. Maybe I need to learn patience or that some things are more important than punctuality.

What about when it is a really tough situation and I don’t feel like learning? The word compassion (for myself and the other person/s) comes to mind plus the ability to distance myself from the situation and try to be objective.

Not an easy thing to do, however I acknowledge there are still plenty of lessons for me to learn in life and I try to remain open to them. Just because I am in my sixth decade doesn’t mean I can put my feet up and relax! And yes, sometimes I get it wrong.






A Special Gift

fairy wren


The pretty blue fairy wrens had nothing to do
When one of them spotted a pretty blue stone
One said “I will fly close and inspect it for you”
He soon called out for help to carry it home.

Just at that moment and very close by, a little girl is born
She is very sick and might not live
Her parents are indeed quite forlorn
The fairy wrens decide they have something important to give.

They magically carry the precious blue stone to the babe
And cleverly hide it in her tiny navel
They disappear quickly into a nearby cave
And wait for news via twitter or cable.

The little girl is now better and going home to stay
Her lovely eyes are becoming a pretty shade of blue
The tiny blue stone glows within her each and every day
As she gets older the wrens decide to give her a clue.

She learns that the little blue stone
Is full of love, wisdom, truth, beauty and kindness
It is always there to help her when she feels so alone
It frequently helps her out of a mess.

Inside she becomes beautiful, wise, honest, loving and kind
But others don’t seem to know about her little blue stone
She wants to tell them, if they look carefully, they too will find
There is a special gift inside each of us waiting to lovingly bring us home.