My favourite poem for this week

When I set myself the task of finding a poem to post this week I had no idea how difficult it might be. Most of the poetry I found (and liked) was about death, grief and broken hearts and I didn’t want to go there. I am also a little nervous about posting poems that are subject to copyright. I think the one I have found overcomes these obstacles. It is called:


Last night while I sat watching

There came a dream so fair

A television drama packed

With all its usual flair

The Thane of Fife had a carving knive

And a damned spot plagued the Queen

While the virtues of Palmolive Soap

Were lauded in between

Then Lancelot mused a little space

And Shylock rocked with glee

‘ A pound of that poor merchant’s flesh

Will fare me well for tea’.

The fate of kings and clowns and queens

Is often cruel and crude

As Joan of Ark was heard remark

When she was barbecued.

But on with the dance, here’s Hungry Jack

And a dozen females squeal and quack

The virtues of a tasty snack.

If life is dull and you are bored

See Westpac; splash out; buy a Ford!

A notation says it comes from a poem by Jim Jones called Sixty Minutes and brought up to date by an anonymous would-be poet.

little stars


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