An unsettling dream …


I don’t usually write about my dreams as they can be pretty weird, as they are with most people I imagine. Last night I had a dream that hasn’t occurred for several years.

I dreamed I had (secretly) buried a dead body (some time ago) and it was about to be discovered. I was extremely anxious and dreading being found out. I wondered what this dream theme symbolises so I did a google search.

It is surprising to find out that it is a common dream and I thought it might be interesting to see if other bloggers have experienced it as well.

Here is a link to one site that provides an interpretation: Dream Meaning

Have any readers experienced this dream as well? Please let me know as I am curious about how common it is.

***the photo is of Wittenoom in the Pilbara region of Western Australia where asbestos mining took place up until the late 20th century.


It is the little things…

A lovely post from Sabigurl …

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She wanted to talk, she had a lot on her mind, but there was no one to listen to her. She needed a shoulder to lean on, but everyone had their own problem to attend too.  She thought to call a friend, he was too busy to listen, and he called her a ‘drama-queen’. She felt lonelier with each passing day. People she thought were her friends were not there for her at the time she needed them the most. Gradually she fell into depression.

He wished he could talk to his parents, but they were too busy making money. He was an only child, he never had anyone to guide him and he never related much with his relatives because he didn’t have the opportunity. Whenever he had problems his parent would shove him aside claiming they had one deadline or the other to meet. He wasn’t a happy…

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