Month: January 2016

Wise Words

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I saw this quote on Facebook and I think it  suggests a well balanced approach to life. However, I haven’t always followed this guidance and sometimes I reaped the negative consequences the quote suggests. I have tended to do almost anything for peace and harmony in my life but now I realise I mustn’t lose myself in the process. Some lessons take a life time to learn. I hope I am not being naive in […]

Masthead of Newspapers in Australia

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Originally posted on <a href="">Zero Creativity Learnings</a>: <br />A nameplate of publication is a designed title as it appears on the front page or cover. The term name plate is mainly used in America. It is also called as Masthead in the United Kingdom and many other Commonwealth nations. For the visual treat of the users just adding mastheads of some top ranked Australian Newspapers. Herald Sun The Daily Telegraph The Courier-Mail The Sydney Morning Herald The West…

Transitioning to Retirement

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I will be facilitating  a course through the local branch of the University of the Third Age starting in February. The topic of my six-week course (2 hours a week) is Transitioning to Retirement. I am fascinated with this topic following my own experience in adapting to life post full-time employment (at age 55). When I was working I used to see people in cafes as I rushed past them on my way to the […]

The awkward raw prawn

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I have been known to have some culinary disasters in my time. It seems to happen when I am trying my hardest to put on a good show for my guests. And it usually involves something we didn’t really need on the menu – a last-minute addition. A week before Christmas we went to the seafood shop down the road to buy some fresh fish for dinner. I noticed they had some frozen, peeled prawns […]