Masthead of Newspapers in Australia

A fellow blogger at Zero Creativity Learnings has put together these mastheads of some Australian Newspapers for me to share :-).

Zero Creativity Learnings

A nameplate of publication is a designed title as it appears on the front page or cover. The term name plate is mainly used in America. It is also called as Masthead in the United Kingdom and many other Commonwealth nations. For the visual treat of the users just adding mastheads of some top ranked Australian Newspapers.

Herald Sun

Herald Sun MastheadThe Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph MastheadThe Courier-Mail

The courier mail MastheadThe Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald MastheadThe West Australian

The West Australian MastheadThe Age

The Age Masthead.jpgThe Advertiser

The Advertiser Masthead.jpegThe Australian

The Australian Masthead.jpgThe Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review Masthead.png

The Herald

The Herald Masthead

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