Too much excitement …

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As we were relaxing and eating lunch today my husband pointed outside and said “snake”. At first I thought he was joking. We do get an assortment of creatures passing by our patio. I got up and had a look and sure enough, it WAS a tiger snake!

Once that thought registered I stood for a moment looking at it – it was quite beautiful really, in a reptilian sort of way! I even went to grab my phone to take a photo. By that time it had moved beyond our sight and I wasn’t about to follow it.

We got in contact with a local group who, according to their brochure they “devote their time and efforts to meeting the needs of injured, misplaced and misunderstood reptiles.”

Unfortunately the very brave, young lady was unable to locate the snake but will come again if there is another sighting. We love living close to the natural bush behind us but it is difficult to come to terms with sharing our space with dangerous reptiles.




    • I am a bit nervous about going outside now but fortunately there are too many hidey places in our yard :-).

  1. Even though it is we who have intruded into their space, a harmonious balance can (and ought to) be attained.

    Snakes are one of my two phobias. I can and do co-exist with the abundance of coyote we have but snakes…. 🙂

    • Yes, it is a bit stressful but a fact of life here. That is only the second one we have had in our yard in nearly six years :-).

  2. Reminds me of a snake story we lived through in SA about 19 years ago!! I will hunt for the photos and do a post!! 😉

  3. Nice photo. He was probably happy to move on through, not wanting to stay close to people. It is a fine balance though, isn’t it.

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