Looking for creative ideas …

I am working with a small group of recently retired people to help them (and me) explore the transition to retirement in a positive and affirming way.

I want to explore creativity in an upcoming session and I want to present it in a creative way. I want people to be able to see that creativity does not just belong to talented people who are artistic or gifted in such ways – that it is open to all of us.

I thought “Why not ask other creative bloggers for ideas?” And so I am doing just that!

All ideas are welcome including good websites or actual suggestions for the two hour session. Thanks in advance :-). I will keep exploring ideas as well.

creativity ideas

26 thoughts on “Looking for creative ideas …

  1. Lorraine, while not a creative blogger the first idea that came to mind (from your invitation) was to invite those in attendance to simply sit with the concept of creativity for a few minutes. Then encourage them to create in their own expressive ways… Suggesting that non-traditional thinking and creations are equally innovative. Outside the box seems to have possibility here. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve used an idea out of Seattle, WA in the USA called Private Eye. To do it properly, you have a jeweller’s loupe and hold it over something organic (a leaf, your skin, some earth in a container), and then draw with HB pencil just what you saw in the loupe. Then describe what you have drawn and relate it to – in this case – each person’s transitionning to retirement. It’s surprisingly powerful.
    You don’t need a loupe, just anything to frame what you draw, a one-inch square or 1.5 inch diameter circle frame of cardboard works just as well.
    I have the book that goes with the idea which you are welcome to borrow. It has scores of practical ideas.

  3. I read this a bit late! But I would like to suggest on let them explore what they want to in terms of drawing (scribbling), calligraphy or lettering they can try their initials in decorative letters! They can explore the colours too. Some performing art is also possible. It can be good mix of art. Some simple installations with soil, mud, grains, rangoli with basic shapes! Or Photography of some colours and shape is also possible! You can try few of them in a good mix!

  4. I enjoy being creative in everyday things that I do such as making a masterpiece of my journal-writing (seriously), setting the table, tidying up my cupboards (no I am NOT a neat-freak), and having a go at displaying photos in albums in a creative way.

  5. A couple of ideas for people to take away. A Sentence A Day – there are books with particular prompts or I just write something about each day, a gratitude moment, or something that I did that day. It is interesting to look back. Photo A Day – again there are online challenges with daily prompts or just take a picture during the day. It makes me stop for a few minutes, notice the small things, shadows on a wall, a flower, the clouds, or a place I’ve visited. Again, keep in a specific album, by month, and it’s good to look back, to observe the seasons. Have fun with your workshop. I’lll look back to see other suggestions from your followers.

    • Thanks Ruth. Some excellent ideas there. I will be planning my session over the weekend to deliver next Tuesday. I am grateful for yours and other suggestions. Blogging is wonderful :).

  6. Charcoal and white A3 sheets of paper… just let them doodle, something is bound to happen!

    Put the camera on the floor… ground, feed the pigeons and press the shutter release… fun! (Or use a remote shutter release.)

    Let them write 100 words… yep, begin with 100… see where that goes!

    Mostly, have FUN!! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Vossey (is it ok if I call you that?). I particularly like the charcoal suggestion and I happen to have some in my cupboard. I am a little restricted in what we do as we meet in a public place i.e. a restaurant, so we don’t want to create too much interest from other customers!

  7. As you’re meeting in public places where space is limited… here’s one I’ve just dreamed up.

    Ask each member to bring a random photo – anything. Now you can do the following:

    1 – Let them write/ share what the photo means to them
    2 – each member pass their photo one person left or right, let them then share what they see or learn from the photo?

    Have fun! πŸ˜‰

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