What do you collect?

This post is inspired by Ruth’s blog and her collection of bunnies.

Some friends and family have given me teddy bears over the years, knowing my fondness for them. After seeing Ruth’s bunnies I thought it was time for a photo shoot wtih my bears :). What is it about these bears that pulls at our heart strings?

9 thoughts on “What do you collect?

  1. Don’t tell anyone but I collect small duck things ( of course ) and any small woollen animal thing which I call my marketing committee for my unheralded author like activities. I’m not sure abut their marketing skills but the are nice to have around. I have a photograph of some of them on my FB page, ( easily reached via my blog) if you would like to say hello…… Oh your nor interested. Quite understand, but they are lovely anyway 🙂

  2. Last night on The Big Bang, Raj gave Bernadette (who is pregnant) an enormous Teddy Bear ~> 10 feet tall and 6 feet wide with a corresponding tummy girth.

    Despite it’s gargantuan girth, it was still “cute as a button.”
    Because teddy bears just iz!

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