Month: May 2016

Getting Started on my Memoir

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I asked for ideas on memoir writing a little while ago and received some excellent tips. Even so, getting started was still a  problem. I decided to do a mind map/brain storm and see where that took me. I looked at it from the following angles: why do I want to do it? how am I going to do it? what do I need to do it? when is this going to happen? I then […]

Puffing Billy Steam Train

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Here is a (very) short video I put together of our ride on Puffing Billy while on holidays recently. Around 1979 my husband at that time, was employed by Puffing Billy to maintain the track and supervise volunteers. It is mainly run and operated by volunteers today. I enjoyed the ride but I mostly wanted to experience some of the lovely rain forests in the hills that I remember so well. That is why I […]

Revisiting Melbourne

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I first lived in Melbourne in 1972 after I left school. I found work and at different times rented in the City, East Melbourne, West Melbourne and Brunswick. We left Melbourne first in 1980 to go and work in the Northern Territory and then finally said our goodbyes in 1982 when we moved to Western Australia. I travelled from Western Australia to Victoria dozens of time over the years but didn’t ever stay in Melbourne […]