Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Have you ever loved a book so much you bought a SPARE copy, just in case you lost the original? That’s what I did when I was at the Melbourne Airport on our way back to Perth a few weeks ago :-).

IMG_2014 (Copy)


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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

    • Mostly for one chapter titled “Consolations for a Broken Heart”. It helped me understand why it is that we are so devastated when love doesn’t work out the way we hoped. I also enjoy the way the author makes philosophy available to the every day reader.

  1. Why yes, yes I have. At least two come to mind: Joy of Cooking and Louise Erdrich’s Last Report of Miracles From Little No Horse. Food for the foodie, and art for the wordie.

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    • I can feel comfortable loaning my book to someone knowing I have a spare copy in case I lose contact with them! Not my usual practise but this is my favourite book 🙂

  3. Good interoperation of the prompt. I have a couple of books on my kindle that I have enjoyed so much, that I’ve bought a paper copy to have on my book shelf.

  4. What a spectacular interpretation of ‘Spare’; I love it. You’ve earned my ‘Follow’.

    Have an amazing day!

    p.s. Guilty as charged; I’ve bought multiple copies too. 🙂

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