Transitions take time …

My old office

My old workplace

I gave up full time work six years ago and I am still adjusting to the changes brought about by that decision.

Many, many times I dreamed I was back at work – usually late and a bit lost – people had moved around and I couldn’t find them.

This week I dreamed my old boss fired me! I was actually pleased, especially when he gave me a cheque for $14,000 (only in my dream)! I thought this might signal an end to my dreaming about work.

Not so! Last night I dreamed we had a work reunion and I woke up with the idea of setting up a Facebook page for my former colleagues. That idea wore off by breakfast time!

I hadn’t realised how much hold the workplace had on me. Hopefully I am ready to let go of the life I had in the workforce and enjoy in the life I have now.

13 thoughts on “Transitions take time …

  1. Dreams are strange things, aren’t they. Bringing such vivid thoughts and emotions into our minds. Hope you can balance the past, present and future into a calm and fulfilling perspective.

  2. I have finally decided to retire at the end of this upcoming school year. It’s taken me almost five years to make this decision. I’m hoping I don’t regret leaving or have dreams about work. I’ll check back and see what progress you’re making.

  3. I think it is a loss of that sense of purpose that leads us into so much grief after we stop working.
    I am working hard in finding a new “career” (ie something with meaning to do) to regain that sense of purpose.

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