Retired… what now?

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Today was the final gathering of a small group I have been leading each Monday morning for the last six weeks. It was titled, Transitioning to Retirement and part of U3A – University of the Third Age. Feedback from participants suggested I should change the title of the group – hence “Retired…what now?” was suggested as an alternative.

We looked at all most of the issues that we face during retirement such as seeking a new direction, finding new ways to fill our time, setting goals for the future etc. Here is a link to the website of our local U3A.

As part of the course I put together a document for the group (based on some information I found online plus some from my solicitor). It is a document that could be used to collect a lot of information in one place. It is probably Australian centric but I can email copies if anyone wants it in Word. I will post a link below to a PDF copy for you to download if you would like to.

combined personal profile and estate plan

I hope that you might find it of some value :). Please note I have no legal training and this is just an administrative document.

12 thoughts on “Retired… what now?

  1. I like the group’s suggested name ~> “Retired . . . what now?”

    Having a comprehensive document like that is a real time saver for anyone who has to step in and handle things.

  2. I am new to the world of blogging AND fairly new to retirement. I was happy to find your blog! My goal is to rebrand aging if for no one else but myself! I am a grandmother of 7 ( soon to be 8) and just released my first mastered country single.
    Please come along and join my blog as well.

    • Lovely to meet you! I have signed up to your blog and look forward to following your journey! It has taken me some time to get used to not working full time but after more than six years it is starting to fall into place. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.
      PS I was a sole-parent of my three sons who are now grown up 🙂

      • Nice to meet you too Rainy! Thank you for signing on. I’m just getting started! I retired twice! Was in education both as a teacher and an administrator for a total of 27 years. I retired early… had some spinal surgery ( which was very successful) and 5 months later. Returned to a school district for one more year before I “re-retired!”
        I too raised my 3 children on my own! I look forward to reading your blog posts!

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