Ten good reasons to start a blog

IMG_2057I have agreed to share the knowledge I have gained over six years blogging with some fellow community members through our local group of the University of the Third Age (U3A). It is not a paid position but a sharing with like-minded people. It doesn’t commence until May so I have some time to fine tune the content.

I started thinking about the many reasons to start a blog and thought I would share a few of mine here. Please feel free to comment and add other reasons I may have missed.

  1. Learning about using WordPress (and keeping up with the changes) keeps my brain active.
  2. I have met so many amazing people from all parts of the world and been able to enjoy their photos, weather reports, local happenings, different cultures/styles of architecture and more. It really adds to my knowledge of the world and reminds me of how much we all have in common.
  3. The joy of getting a “like” or even better a “comment”. It always brightens my day.
  4. The opportunity to put some positive words out into cyberspace and hope that I am able to add a little joy to someone else’s day.
  5. I sometimes have ideas that I want to share and it provides me an avenue to do so and get feedback from others.
  6. My interest in photography has grown since I started blogging. I have discovered it is one of those things I can lose myself in it – time flies by!
  7. The diversity of blogs provide such a vast resource of valuable information- I take down recipes from other parts of the world and try them out at home – great fun. There is also lots of wisdom out there!
  8. When I got my current part-time job I was able to provide my blog address to the editor so she could see that I can put a few sentences together.
  9. It is MY voice I am putting out there. I know at times that some people may not like what I post but I reserve the right to have my say.Being an introvert I find it harder to express myself in person than I do in writing.
  10. I feel a real connection with a number of bloggers that I have followed for some time. I know that if I was in their neighbourhood I would love to drop in for a coffee and a good long chat.  🙂

There are probably a lot more reasons to blog and I would love to hear from you what you think.


22 thoughts on “Ten good reasons to start a blog

  1. All good reasons for blogging. I started SLTW as a repository for all the “post it notes” littering my office ~ so that I would have a searchable data base for ideas, thoughts, quotes, etc. The blogging community is why I’m still blogging.

    Like you, blogging has expanded my horizons. For example, I no longer think of July as “summer” and December as “winter” since many blogging buddies experience the opposite extremes of weather during those same months.

    • I was at the beauty therapist this morning and a man from the UK came in with his daughters and complained about the heat. I ended up telling him about a blog I follow (David Oakes Images. It turns out he lives in Cumbria near where David lives – I was able to say how much I enjoyed the scenery in his County. Small world !

    • You are welcome David. You just never know that someone in the world might be talking about you – even in a beauty therapist shop in Australia :). I agree with the fun aspect of blogging.

  2. You know, long before I got to number ten a thought dawned.
    One day, I’d like to surprise call you from a beach side cafe in your local… then we can meet and share a large pot of coffee… and many tales!!
    All ten your points are valid and true. For me, if I can add a few smiles I’m happy!
    Keep up your great work, in your community and on the net!! 😉

  3. I also like connecting with people from all over. The comments are nice because it’s like someone having a conversation with you about what you wrote about.

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