1000 posts: So much to say, so little time!

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This is my 1000th post!

It has taken me a seven years to get here. It has become part of my day-to-day life. I don’t write all that often now but love to read other bloggers’ adventures and do the Photo Challenge most weeks.

On 8 May I will be leading (as a volunteer) a University of the Third Age class of eight people (seniors) in Blogging for Beginners. I hope to be able to share in eight hours (two hours a week for four weeks) what I have found out over the past seven years.

I have done my homework on the technical side but the actual writing side of things is not so straightforward. I have meandered over a wide range of topics over that time. I guess my blog is really about my Β life, thoughts, ideas etc. I have got more into including photos in the past year or so. I love doing that but wonder if I am a bit lazy with the writing!

I would really value any ideas or tips you have for new bloggers that I can pass on to those in my group. Thanks in anticipation πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “1000 posts: So much to say, so little time!

  1. I (like you) tend to have an array of topics and photos. I would suggest just sharing what you know. Explain your style and point out that some bloggers focus on a single topic/niche such as travel, food, music, books, etc. I would also emphasis choice should be driven by passion.

  2. Blogs are like fingerprints . . . no two are the same!

    That said, people who start a blog probably should have something they want to say to a “wider audience” with the chance of positive (and negative) feedback.

    • I like your comment about blogs are like fingerprints – I think there is a lot of truth in that. I agree too that we write best when we are passionate about a topic or issue. Thanks for your thoughts Nancy!

  3. Having been a student of a U3A class some years back I can relay my experience of why I attended. I wanted some direction about starting the process of getting my life story onto the page. I had no clue where to begin despite having been good with words at school and enjoying English in class. Other attending cam out of curiosity to know more about personal histories and what could be included; some to meet others who had a similar interest; and others still because it was the only class on that morning which was a morning they were available. While I had found my place in the class others in the group were happy in a non-judgemental environment until they found their writing legs and then they flourished with the companionship and encouragement. My experience of other writing groups is that the more ex-teachers there were in a class the less easy it was for us newbies to feel free to experiment and get it wrong before finding our voice (just saying). That U3A class was the catalyst for other writing for me and from there to dip my toes into the world of blogging because I wanted to connect with others. You have a wonderful opportunity Rainee to nurture others into the cyberworld and I am sure you will do it with grace and kindness as these elements come through in your writing.

  4. Like writing, Ihad no idea how my blog would evolve and I think that to have boxed it into a theme would have stifled any courage I had about getting it right. I started writing about what interested me. Like you my blog isn’t about stats and I have nothing to market so it is a pleasurable hobby for me. Maybe that is what the U3Aers are about too – exploring pleasureable activities to keep Alzheimers at bay and connect with others. I think once people start posting and following others their style and interests and consequently their topic base will evolve naturally to reflect their personality and interests. Sorry for being long-wnded but I love this opportunity you have and am excited for those who attend your class. Blogging is a wonderful activity- it keeps me engaged with an on-line cmmunity (as an introvert), helps me write better and I enjoy what others have to say about their interests. Personalities shine through peoples’ writings.

  5. I like Nancy’s fingerprint analogy! I had a clear intention of sharing insights and my experience that would help my coaching clients … and other readers. Good luck Lorraine!!!

  6. Wow, congrats Rainee. 1000!!
    I’m eager to hear about your class. I remember going to class and listening to the term “purposeful blogging” and when I left there I felt I had absolutely no idea what my purpose was….but I started blogging anyway that very next day and like you, seven years has gone by. I like how the blog documents my life, like a diary or journal entry. Some days better than others. One of most rewarding aspects of being part of the blogging community is meeting other bloggers- especially YOU. Although we are oceans apart, we have very similar life experiences. I appreciate your taking time to click the like button and leave me nice comments. All the best from Ruth in Pittsburgh

    • Thanks for your lovely comments Ruth. I actually printed it out and shared with the class this morning. It went really well but I have never worked so hard in my life! There were seven ladies and most were familiar with computers. I think 6 out of the 7 had a blog after the 2 hour class. I am looking forward to next week to look at some things in more detail. Thanks again Ruth xx

  7. Congrats on 1000 posts Rainee, how awesome. You’ve obviously been doing it for awhile so you know what you’re doing. And your style is your own, so just keep enjoying it and writing from the heart.

  8. Pity I missed the post. As I’m including my belated congratulations on 1000 posts I may as well add a few blogging comments (seems I’m the only boy… so, I’ll represent to species!) πŸ˜‰ OK… let’s go.

    – Congrats! Doing 1000 posts is an achievement to be really proud of! Keep going.

    – I’m often reminded that my blog has become a family snapshot. An open diary. Remember, when we’re long gone our grand-kids may like showing their kids what the ancestors got up to! Many folk will regret not putting in a bit of effort!
    – Just yesterday my good lady complained about all the trash on Facebook. I really detest the vitriol and shallow tripe dished out there. Blogging is the way to go. Millions of bloggers around the world add value, without the trash! Remember, blogs can be closed and password protected!
    – Post a photo… or twenty! (But do try to remember quality…) Others want to see your world! They don’t want letters on white… they want to see!
    – Talking of letters on white pages. Seems to me the most popular blogs are ones that have limited writing! Long, detailed posts are often too much work! Especially when one tries to keep up with a number of friends’ blogs! (KISS?? ) πŸ˜‰ (OK… I know I break the rule… but it’s back to being an open diary!)
    – Reciprocating visits and comments are the key. Blogs will stagnate without interaction.
    – Mostly though… keep the ranting limited and the fun element high! Blogging is about enjoyment… so, ENJOY!!

    PS – I wonder if they have U3A opportunities here in Ireland? I’d love to get involved!

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