How do you listen to your music?

I tidied up my office over the weekend. I came across some old music cassettes from the 1980’s. I also remembered my cassette player was on top of my bookcase. Before I knew it I was listening to Anne Murray singing You Needed Me. It took me back to some tough times down memory lane as only music can do.

The cassettes and recorder are rare items today. We have a large CD collection that we hardly ever use. I have taken to asking random people “How do you listen to music these days?” We have various USB’s with songs on them and we occasionally use them at home and in the car.

I feel I am not keeping up with the technology. I would love to get your feedback on what other 21st Century options are available. Help please!!!


15 thoughts on “How do you listen to your music?

  1. My music listening habits have changed significantly in the last 10 years. Back in 2007, I listened to my CDs and ABC Classic FM. I actually sold and gave away a collection of vinyls! Then in 2009, or thereabouts, I bought an iPod and started listening to music bought on iTunes or uploaded from my CDs on a dock-boombox. Now that’s very quickly changed to streaming music mainly through Pandora, but also YouTube (with vision – sometimes) and Spotify. Pandora is amazing. Choose your genre or your artist, and it will play endlessly well chosen music.

    • Thanks Ranu. I have my computer in my office and it is not all that convenient for listening to it in my lounge area. I too enjoy Youtube with the earphones on and up loud πŸ™‚ !

  2. I heard on the radio, that cassettes are making a comeback Raines! This is because a new generation s watching Guardians of the Galaxy and are fascinated by the 70s and 80s groove! Justin Beaver has release his latest album on cassette as well as digital and CD?
    Don’t throw anything away just yet 😎

  3. Wow! I didn’t anticipate that one coming! Cassettes are quite clunky though and only have a limited number of songs on each side. I guess “retro” is the fashion of the day : ) !

  4. USB/ radio and CD in the car. Downloads and CD in the house. Of late I’ve started using YouTube… as you’ll recall when I did the April challenge.
    However, slowly but surely I’m building up my vinyl collection again! As I often say… one day when I’m big… I want a massive sound system… big speakers… big music! πŸ˜‰

  5. When I left Texas in April 1993, I had 15,000 vinyl albums and 45’s and about 150 CDs. I didn’t start collecting music again until 1999. All CD’s. By the time I discovered digital music, I had 5,000 CDs. I ripped them all and sold them. That was the start of my digital collection. I now have 1,450 hours, 48 minutes, and 20 seconds of digital music in my cataloged non-classical collection, 178 uncataloged non-classical files, and 2.7 TB of uncataloged classical digital files. As I get them cataloged, I move them to external hard drives and cloud storage. I listen to my cataloged music in chronological order, and before I go driving, I copy 10-50 files to a USB drive to play in the cars. I haven’t listened to radio in over a decade.

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