Fanticipation …


I have decided that “fanticipation” equals fear and anticipation. It is a little like when you are a child waiting for Santa to come. You are hopeful he will bringย  you what you desire however you are holding back a little just in case he gets it wrong.

I am not writing about Christmas here! I have been working on a project for over six months (as a volunteer for my local University of the Third Age, otherwise known as U3A).

We have purchased some new software to manage membership and enrolments and I have been on quite a learning curve. The “fanticipation” is occurring because we are due to go live online on Tuesday.

This week I found myself pondering when I can retire only to remember I already have! Voluntary work is great as an interest and also to keep the brain sharp. I have learned so much about project planning and data bases but I don’t think I have found my passion in this area.

However, given that I.T. is such a big issue for many (not all) mature age people, I am hoping I may be able to do a little to help bridge the gap in getting people to feel more confident about using computers online. I can get passionate about that! Once we have done this foundation year I am optimistic that next year will be easier going. I hope so!

8 thoughts on “Fanticipation …

  1. Retirement….now that is Fanticipation! But I would have thought you would have found out by now, folk who have retired are the busiest and the hardest to get hold of….. so much for the easy life ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I just know you’re going to crack it! Something tells me you never set up for failure!
    Sprinkle in dollops of fun… the passion will come!
    Just by the way… I’m wondering about the “mature” thing… when does one join that club??

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence Vossie. We had to tackle what age group and we settled on “people who are retired or semi-retired”. Our secretary is a young 53!

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