1. Your bears are cool! I’d better not show my good lady these… she’d want to come visit! 😉

    • Well the South West of WA has a lot to offer – not just teddy bears. Does your wife collect them too?

      • Long story! My wife grew up in Oz… near Sydney somewhere. She has her teddy from very young days and some years ago I spotted a very similar one in an antique shop here in Dublin. I got it for her for Christmas so that her lil childhood friend could have a mate. I think the two are resting somewhere in a lockup at the moment… we moved to a small house so there are many things still packed away! 😉
        However, I think if she has to set eyes on your teddies she’d want to nick a few! 🙂

      • Lovely story! I must admin that my teddies are stored in a box in my garage due to similar reasons!

      • Boxes… lil boxes!!
        I’ve just asked the good one… she’ll see if they’re close by… I’ll sneak in a photo soon! 😉

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